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“With great pleasure, I most sincerely commend the work of Marilyn Mayberry as a Yoga instructor. It has been a delight to me to have been a student in her Yoga classes for two and a half years, attending two or three classes a week during this period. Throughout this time, Marilyn has consistently demonstrated her many talents for this job. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the practice of Yoga and keen to share what she has learned with her students. Her lessons always manifest her understanding of the elements of balance, challenge, variety and comfort for her students. Always encouraging her students but mindful of their safety, Marilyn offers people the opportunity to move at their own pace, within their own range of ability and comfort. She pays attentions to the individual needs of her learners and offers modifications for those who have physical challengers to their practice of Yoga. Marilyn’s good sense of humour and her genuine interest in the needs of her learners make her classes joyful and lively. As a teacher myself and a teacher of teachers, I have special appreciation for the professionalism and dedication Marilyn demonstrates in all aspects of her work as an exceptional Yoga instructor. I am grateful for every moment I have spent in her class.”
- Cheryl Woodman, Cambridge

“Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I learned so much from you and wish you continued success in your career. All the very best to you and Sydney in 2007!”
- Allison, Cambridge

“I first met Marilyn approximately 6 months ago, shortly after I started Yoga. I was impressed by her attitude on that very first class. Since then my admiration has continued to grow. Now I seek her classes because she personalized it for each member. This is invaluable to me. Her attitude is excellent & I really benefit from her corrections of my posture. She offers all class participants the same options. She does this with tenderness and gentleness. I will continue to seek her classes out because I benefit so much from them.” She is also superb at changing a class plan to suit what the students need at the time, not everyone can do that."
- Frances Hallige, Cambridge

“I’ve been taking Marilyn Mayberry’s Yoga class for about four months now and it’s the only activity on a Saturday morning for which I happily forgo my cherished sleep-in-time! Some Yoga postures exercise the muscles and joints while others stretch, extend and flex the spine. Whatever the posture, Marilyn encourages her students to “honor your body” by always working with it, not against it. While each stretch is designed to increase flexibility, strength and range of motion, Marilyn does not subscribe to the “one size fits all” credo. She spends a considerable amount of time customizing and adapting postures to address each student’s specific needs, challenges and limitations. Marilyn is also particularly effective at performing gentle, hands-on corrections to ensure that one always receives maximum benefit from each stretch and posture.
Perhaps the best thing of all about Marilyn’s class is the restful, restorative and regenerative experience of shavasana. For fifteen minutes before the one hour posture class and fifteen minutes after, Marilyn leas the group through a breathing / relaxation session which can only be described as transcendental. The peaceful, meditative music combined with Marilyn’s soft, melodic voice is the perfect way to recharge the depleted battery syndrome we all experience at the end of a hectic week. All who “experience” Marilyn’s class are guaranteed to leave restored, rejuvenated and revitalized. I highly recommend it one and all."
- Judy Maidment, Cambridge

"In Marilyn’s yoga class, I experience relaxation as well as stretching combined with just the right amount of challenge. A variety of muscle groups are engaged as she clearly describes the mechanics & the benefits of each pose. I thoroughly enjoy the classes & I have noticed an improvement in my flexibility & in my general well being. Marilyn is a patient & caring person who does an excellent job of leading the class."
- Maureen Mcdonnell, Cambridge

"Marilyn has the unique ability to know exactly which movements and flows we need the most in every class. Her soothing voice and quiet enthusiasm make us feel that anything is possible. She is a natural teacher and is a constant inspiration."
- Anne O’Keefe, Kitchener

"For the past few months I have thoroughly enjoyed the Yoga classes given to our group by Marilyn. She is an extremely knowledgeable instructor. Her guidance through the class has been truly wonderful. I feel I have accomplished so much since taking the classes from her. Her calm and reassuring voice is wonderful. She encourages everyone – you feel like you want to try everything but if you don’t succeed you still feel that you have accomplished something. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Marilyn as your Yoga instructor. I mean every word – I am enjoying the classes so much!"
- Julie, Kitchener

"One of my colleagues was continually telling us about a yoga class that she attends. She would comment on how great she feels, and how wonderful her instructor was. So a few of us decided it would be great to do yoga on our lunch hour, but realized that it would not really be possible with travel time. Marilyn, being the much mentioned yoga instructor, was willing to convenience us and hold yoga classes at our office. We started our first session once a week, but have enjoyed the classes so much, that we have moved to twice a week. Since joining her classes, I have not found the need to seek a massage on a regular basis, my neck and shoulders are much more relaxed. I truly believe my entire well being has greatly improved. The best part is that you can work at your own pace, there is never any pressure to go beyond your comfort level. Thanks Marilyn, I have never tried Yoga before in my life, but I will do it for the rest of my life."
- Joanne MacPhail, Kitchener

"I love this class! I hate exercise, but this is fun."

"I liked the progressive nature of the classes, very good for beginners like myself. I found it very calming, enjoyed meditation at the end."

"I found everything about this class useful. My physical strength, endurance and flexibility all increased. It also helped me mentally in dealing with stress."

"I feel so great after yoga. I have a sore back and I find it really helps. I love final relaxation!!" - Jacqueline

"I enjoyed the attention to the little things, breath, restoring after a difficult pose, meditation, modifications, makes all the difference in the world. I really got a lot of body awareness out of your program."

"Power Yoga- I really enjoyed your classes. I had never done yoga before and wasn’t too sure about taking it because I tend to seek out high activity workouts. But, I have been pleasantly surprised and liked that we did different things every week, that helped hold my attention. I also liked that there was a strong focus on paying attention to the body and not pushing it. It will help me in the future!"

- Guelph University Students
Marilyn Mayberry

Marilyn Mayberry
Certified Yoga instruction and Reiki Master
Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge and surrounding areas.
Ontario, Canada
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